Chinese bamboo theater is such a beautiful art

by Douglas Young | | 1 comment

Chinese bamboo theater is such a beautiful art.

Shame most people attending are older folk.

How do we get younger people to go?

The only way is for the art form to evolve and modernise.

If the next generation doesn't attend,

then it will just die with the passing of today's audience. 

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Alan P.

Alan P.

It was a scary thought and even a bold move to build a Chinese Theatre in the West Kowloon – the Xiqu Centre. No idea if we have enough to offer in an international spectrum. It’s certainly unique. I also think that there has to be modern elements to appeal to hipsters. It’d be a shortcut, eventually we need a credited educational program to perform appreciate and study. The art behind the instrumental arrangements, stage management, everything has to be somehow preserved and passed on to the younger generation.

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