Red White Blue Keeps Our Hong Kong Spirit

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What springs to your mind when you think of Red-White-Blue Bags? It could be plastic sheets at construction sites, or it might take the form of gear carrying our belongings and even our dreams. RWB remains steadfast and become even steadier as time goes by.

RWB homecoming bags were used to transport necessities to relatives on the mainland in the 1970s. Taken alone, this fabric cannot signify Hong Kong as a culture, but taken together with other elements, like the construction sites, the suit worn by celebrities during big events and the awnings protecting the booths, it does symbolize many aspects of the local culture.

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All these unveil indicates that RWB design keeps our spirit alive in terms of perseverance, flexibility and vibrancy. This ever-present plastic sheet acquired its own character and completed with attitudes like a human being standing unfalteringly, turning adversities into opportunities without a word of complain ─ to be involved in our own city.



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