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Great Asset To Hong Kong

Alan Tong

Posted on September 04 2015

Signboards surrounding us are the witness of the development of Hong Kong over the past few decades. The existence and elements of signboard represent different spirits and value of Hong Kong. If you pay more attention on observing different signboards, you will discover signboards are not only the board for advertising, but also the container of Hong Kong stories.

In a bustling downtown area, consumers tend to first have a quick look at the various signboards to find his or her real target, so signboard of huge identity and strong appeal is very important tool for stimulating the consumers vision and affecting their psychological activities.

‘’How many of the neon signs do I read fully?’’ ‘’ How many do I notice?’’ As a design student, it reminds me of observing and exploring to the unknown is always crucial as it is a way to avoid being trapped in the design constraints.

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