G.O.D. has partnered with Cathay Pacific to exclusively design the amenity kits for Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Class. Four new bags are introduced each year and released bi-annually.

Because G.O.D. and Cathay Pacific take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously, the amenity bag is made from at least 90% recycled plastic bottles while the toothbrush is made mainly from corn starch and cellulose, which is biodegradable, recyclable and uses fewer resources in its production. By creating a collectible set of designs, environmentally friendly behaviour is further promoted without sacrificing style and design. 

The kits have been specifically designed to become a collectible set. Each kit has a button which allows additional bags to attach to it creating a wall-hanging accessory. Passengers can look forward to receiving a new design when they travel.  

By taking a look at the lighter side of modern Asian life, G.O.D. creates surprise and humour by juxtaposes seemingly unlikely elements from modern Asia.

The Chinese Landscape Print
Scroll paintings of landscape in high detail has a very long tradition in China. This design is a modern take on the theme with the addition of tourists in in a lush scenery with the iconic Hong Kong skyline as the backdrop.

The Hundred Children Print
The size of one's family is considered a factor of wealth. Hence the popularity of symbolic imagery showing hundreds of children playing. This print sets the scene inside an airport with the children engaged in various transit activities.

Depicts Chinese gods enjoying themselves in-flight by sipping coffee, using the computer or reading

Features a Chinese-style image of auspicious clouds