'The Street Market Symphony'

G.O.D. celebrates local market culture in G.O.D.'s first solo art exhibition in a shopping mall.

'The Street Market Symphony' plays with our normal perception using multi-media installations housed in large red lampshades to tickle our senses and challenge us to revisit a familiar setting in the most unique experience. In this exhibition, G.O.D. has picked the red lamp used as the icon representing the market.

Red lamps are used in traditional markets in Hong Kong because the food looks fresher under the red hue.

Sino Art invited 18 teenagers from Hong Kong Playground Association Mongkok Youth Integrated Service Centre for Children and Youth to head down to the Mongkok Street Market for a photography tour.

Under the guidance of HULU Culture's programme director, Simon Go, and artist Cecilia Liu, the teenagers were asked to capture the different colours of the markets through their photographs. Their efforts resulted in a 300 photo collage for this exhibition.