Yahoo Style: How to Shop Hong Kong Like a Local

by Media and Press |


If Washington, D.C. is all about politics and Nashville is all about country music, Hong Kong’s favorite pastime is easily shopping. We caught up with Jacquelyn Tryde, marketing assistant for the swank Four Seasons Hong Kong in the Central District — a chic native, and cultural ambassador for guests who want to learn more about regional cuisine and shopping.

The hotel is located in the Central District, a corporate area that’s home to banks, and yet—with its dead-sexy rooftop pool lined by curtained cabanas—it manages to feel as much about vacation as it does about business.

Jacquelyn likes to start her tours right in the neighborhood. “In some cities, the financial district is dead and there’s a lack of things to do. People work and then leave as soon as they get off. But in Hong Kong, this is the happening scene.”

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