• 'Prosperity' 4R padded photo frame (yellow)
  • 'Prosperity' 4R padded photo frame (yellow)
  • 'Prosperity' 4R padded photo frame (yellow)

'Prosperity' 4R padded photo frame (yellow)
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$325.00 HKD


Auspicious symbols feature highly in Chinese culture as the Chinese like to surround themselves with objects and designs that are believed to exude positive energy. The inspiration behind this pattern is traditional tableware and represents good fortune or prosperity.

This 4R size padded photo frame is a colourful and stylish way to liven up the room. A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a contemporary spin on tradition.

H: 24.2 cm x W: 19.5 x D: 2.5 cm
Fits 4R photo
Colour: Yellow with multicolour print

Tags: boss
Type: Homeware    
Vendor: Goods of Desire

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