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Pineapple Bun Butter Memo Pad

$60.00 HKD


A staple of Hong Kong culture, this sweet treat can be found from in many interpretations from street stalls to restaurants. The bun is soft and doughy on the bottom but topped with a crusty, sugary top. There is not actually any pineapple in a pineapple bun but gets its name from the distinct, sweet, hard topping which resembles a pineapple. 

This pineapple bun multifunction stationery kit is memo pad holder and storage area for small clips. 

- 6.7 (h) x 10.2 (w) x 9.5 (d) cm
- ABS 

- Multi-functions as a memo pad holder and storage for clips
- Memo paper not included
- By iGlooz

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