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ZiGaauDaai decorative masking tape (Chinese New Year lion dance 1)

$40.00 HKD


Along with fire crackers, drums and cymbals, the lion dance combines kung fu, folk dance with rituals to celebrate new year or to pray for good fortune. It was believed that the lion was an imaginary creature that first appeared in China 1600 years ago. Lion Dances were divided into Northern and Southern lion dance, with the former closely related to martial arts to entertain the imperial court while the latter is performed by two masters to mimic a lion's actions and mood, and widely popular in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Zi2Gaau1Daai3 is a collection of Hong Kong-inspired masking tape (as that is the Cantonese pronunciation for masking tape) and comes in fun and colourful Hong Kong prints.

Size: 700 (l) x 4 (w) cm

Material: Paper

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