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ZiGaauDaai decorative masking tape (dragon boat festival)

$40.00 HKD


According to popular legend, the Dragon Boat Festival originates from the Zhou Dynasty where Qu Yuan, a well known poet and minister was banished for opposing the alliance the King made with an increasingly powerful enemy state. In protest and despair, he drowned himself by jumping in the river. The local people, who admired him, raced out in their boats to save him. When his body could not be found, they splashed the water with their paddles, beat drums and threw parcels of rice into the water so that it would keep evil spirits away and distract fish from eating his body.

Zi2Gaau1Daai3 is a collection of Hong Kong-inspired masking tape (as that is the Cantonese pronunciation for masking tape) and comes in fun and colourful Hong Kong prints.

Size: 700 (l) x 4 (w) cm

Material: Paper

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