'Yaumati' foldable shopping bag with zipper

$195.00 HKD


Yaumati is inspired by Hong Kong's unique vernacular architecture. Named after a popular district in Hong Kong, it is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Residents here ingeniously construct metal extensions to their cramped living spaces. The result is a wonderful patchwork of great individuality covering otherwise bland multi-story buildings.

This version is a blue and white outline drawing of our famous 'Yaumati' print.

The base of this convenient recyclable shopping tote forms into a zippered wallet which holds the bag when it is not in use making it not only stylish and neat, but conveniently easy to carry.

The blue and white are highlighted with a bright pop fluorescent colour lining on the handles and trim.

H: 13 cm x W: 16.5 folded
H: 40 cm x W: 42 cm x D: 13 cm (base) as bag
Material: Polyester with PU case
Colour: Blue and white print with with fluorescent orange straps

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