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'Angry Cat' (small, white)

$288.00 HKD


Size: 16cm (h) 
Colour: White
Material: Resin

Angry Cat

The Maneki-neko (also known as Fortune Cat or Lucky Cat) is an iconic Japanese figurine and lucky charm, believed to bring good fortune to its owner. There are many stories about its origins.

When Lao Ganbu first saw a Fortune Cat, he was struck by its similarity to the rude gesture of ‘giving someone the finger’. The gesture expresses disdain or annoyance, which cats are indeed known for. It is simply a whimsical and humorous take on a cute icon.

Lao Ganbu

Lao Ganbu (老干部) is the nom de plume of a retired, reclusive official, turned artist, who spent his formative years in China during and after the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Laboring in factories and fields as a student, he had plenty of time to consider the irony of human existence, which is reflected in his creations.

The artist now lives in the shadows, on the margins of society and prefers to remain anonymous.


The 15cm high version is made of resin and is individually hand painted. The production is limited to 1000 pieces in white and 1000 pieces in black. Each edition is individually numbered.


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