Animal Chess wine markers (set of 12)

$290.00 HKD


Animal Chess is a popular game in China for children. However, for the purposes of this wine marker set, which was exclusively developed by Goods Of Desire, slight differences have been introduced to the rules of the original game so this can be perfect entertainment for your next party!

The 12 Zodiac animals are divided into three power levels: powerful, moderately powerful and weak. This is reflected in the arrangement of the pieces on the board. Namely, the more powerful the animal, the further it is from the water.

To win the game, a player must move one of his animals to the opponent’s Den.

Fits a standard wine glass stem
Size: 3 (diameter) x 1.5 (h) cm / wine marker
Packaging: 24.5 (l) x 9.5 (w) x 2.5 (h)
Complete set of 12 

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