Daycraft Animal Pals lined notebook A6 (brown bear)

$89.00 HKD


The Daycraft Animal Pals Collection of notebooks are a huge hit. In fact they are so popular there are many poor quality copies of their graphics on the market. Do not buy them. These are the originals.

Finely stitched fine Italian PU
The animals aren’t just printed on. They are made by different shapes sewn together. That’s one way you can tell they are genuine.

Another way you can tell the genuine Daycraft notebook is by the quality of the paper. This notebook uses creamy, high quality paper. It makes a big difference.

Cover: Fine Italian PU
128 pps
A6 - 106mm (w) x 150 mm (h)
6.5mm lined layout
Inside back cover pocket
Animal pattern inside pages
100gsm cream paper


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