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Hang Heung X G.O.D. Classic Flavours Moon Cake Gift Set

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恆香100周年限定「八星報喜」 (8個裝, 250克/個+60克/個)
Hang Heung 100th Anniversary Premium 8 Stars Happiness Mini Mooncake Gift Set

五黃白蓮蓉月餅1個 (250克/個)
White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 5 Yolks, 1pc

Mini White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 1 Yolk, 1pc

Mini Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 1 Yolk, 1pc

Mini Red Bean Paste Mooncake with 1 Yolk, 1pc

Mini Red Bean Paste Mooncake with Mandarin Peel, 1pc

Mini Mooncake with Chinese Ham and Assorted Nuts, 1pc

Mini Five Nuts Mooncake, 1pc

Low Sugar Mini White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 1 Yolk, 1pc

San-he Tea (10 Bags/Tin)

溪黃草 Rabdosia serra
雞骨草 Abrus cantoniensis
羅漢果花 Corsvenor momordica fruit


G.O.D.熱門打卡點塗鴉牆' 折疊購物袋
Alex Croft x G.O.D. Graffiti Wall Recyclable Bag

Alex Croft x G.O.D. 塗鴉牆位於中環嘉咸街,G.O.D. 中環荷里活道店旁。 香港塗鴉藝術家 Alex Croft 的壁畫靈感來自G.O.D.的標誌性印刷品“油麻地”,是對舊香港唐樓的一種插圖詮釋。可折疊購物袋由100%耐用的聚酯製成。 這款包很時尚舒適,可以整天戴在肩上方便美觀。 配有鈕扣閉合用於關閉頂部,並在不使用時保持袋子折疊。
The Alex Croft x G.O.D. graffiti wall is located on Graham Street next to G.O.D. Hollywood Road store. The mural by Hong Kong-based graffiti artist, Alex Croft, was inspired by G.O.D. signature print, 'Yaumati' and is an illustrated interpretation of old Hong Kong tenement buildings. The foldable shopping bags are made of 100% durable polyester. This bag is stylish and comfortable enough to be worn all day. Convenient button closure used to close the top and keep the bag folded when not in use.


Lucky Panda - Tears Of Joy Large Mug

幸運熊貓趣緻人性化表情,放在屋企或寫字樓用, 希望令你一路用一路開心到標眼淚。
This Lucky Panda is our take on the Japanese Lucky Cat. In Chinese, the Panda is not called a bear, but a cat.


Mini Teapot Red Tea Infuser

趣緻的茶壺造型的茶格,只要放少量茶葉 就能泡出 一杯香茶。
A shrunken teapot that fits into your cup! No more debate over which tea to have or how strong it is as each person can now enjoy their own cup of brewed tea leaves.



Only available in Hong Kong

預計運送時間: 一星期

Please allow one week for shipment

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