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Hong Kong Shop Cats By Marcel Heijnen

Hong Kong Shop Cats By Marcel Heijnen

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Hong Kong’s shop cats are the little emperors of their retail kingdoms. When photographer Marcel Heijnen moved to the city he was immediately drawn to these photogenic mouse-catchers, and this series is the charming result and has been taking the world by storm.

While the cats are undoubtedly the furry celebrities of his photographs, each shot delivers an insightful context to Hong Kong’s busy trades. From dried fish and rice to paper oerings, the shots’ backgrounds present local culture in all its cramped and colourful chaos.

About Marcel:
Marcel Heijnen is a visual artist, designer and musician. Originally from the Netherlands, Asia has been his home since 1992. Marcel’s creativity is driven by a general curiosity about life and its meaning. He currently uses photography as the main medium for his art, exploring its boundaries in a quest for beauty and expression that goes beyond realism, but gets perhaps a little closer to truth.

Marcel is a co-founder of both Chemistry – the design collective, and Artistry – the Gallery Cafe.

- Softcover
- 17 x 22.5 cm
- 160 pages
- English and Chinese
- First Released November 2015
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