iRing - Pink

$150.00 HKD


The iRing may look like just another nice phone accessory, but did you consider all the uses and situations for it?

How many times have you dropped your nice new smart phone?
How many times have your finger got in the picture because you can't securely hold your phone in one hand?
How many times have you shared your incoming messages with others because your phone is flat on the table?
How many times have your phone been soaked when someone spills a drink on the table?
How many times a day do you lean forward from your chair to see incoming messages?

The iRing, like any other ring frees up your hands to do whatever else with the security of not dropping your phone. Makes holding smart devices much easier when typing. Taking pictures is much easier, no more worries of dropping the phone or holding very still. The iRing can attach to most hooks so you can have your phone in view - eg mothers with strollers can attach to most stroller hooks or attachment clips. Use it as a stand to angle your phone for better viewing of videos. The angle of view also makes incoming messages more private for your viewing only.

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