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Joshua Smith - Dove (Minature Sculpture)

Joshua Smith - Dove (Minature Sculpture)

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You can see this is  exact replica of the wall in Hong Kong, including the graffiti it is tagged with, the music posters on the walls, every detail is as he saw it.

With over 110,000 followers on instagram and sold out shows across the world this is a great miniature  investment.

Each piece is lazer cut out out 100s of pieces to exactly replicate a street location, building in Hong Kong. The graffiti ‘tags’ markings are made using stencils and painted by hand. Even the posters, photos on the buildings are exact replicas.

Joshua only came to Hong Kong for the first time when we brought him for these set of models. He normally makes all his works from photos from artists and google street maps


Mixed  media miniature  sculpture

17cm (W) x 19cm (H) X 11cm (D)


Joshua Smith is a miniaturist and former stencil artist based in Norwood, South Australia. With a career spanning 17 years he has showcased his work in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Japan and all over Australia in over 100 exhibitions.

His work blew up internationally with his infamous ‘Temple Street’ Model. Covered by Vice, Hypebeast, Artistic publications, Architectural reviews and Broadsheet papers such as The Times and South China Post.

His compositions fuse his love for Hong Kong Kung Fu movies as  a child. Replicating the beauty and decay within HK remaining old buildings. His recognition and replication of prolific graffiti artists work in his models is exacting.

Despite his relatively short career his work has already been showcased in galleries and art fairs in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong and Melbourne. He is currently showcasing work with Muriel Guepin Gallery in New York and at the VOLTA Art Fair in New York City.

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