'Kapok Tree' cotton scarf (fuschia)

$320.00 HKD


The 'Kapok Tree' has been cultivated in Asia for its cotton. Its distinctive red flower can be seen all over Hong Kong in the Spring. 

Hong Kong Born artist/ illustrator Karon Ng was inspired by the printing effects typical of traditional Asian woodblock prints. The purposeful unevenness in the background colour and the fracturing of lines is faithfully reproduced in this design using modern printing technology. This is to replicate the effects of vegetable dyes such as indigo, but without the undesirable tendency for the colours to wash off. 

Our 100% cotton scarves feature unique Hong Kong prints. The scarf is lightweight and may be worn in all climates. The patterns come in a wide range of colours so there is something to match every outfit!

L: 180 cm x W: 65 cm
Colour: Fuschia pink and white 
Material: Cotton

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