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Keyon Lo - Hero, Mixed Media on Acrylic

$4,500.00 HKD

Keyon Lo

Keyon Lo was born in Hong Kong and received a bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Textile at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with first class honors and various awards. He creates artworks by different digital means and often paints and sculpts on objects and digitalizes them for refinements. He has been exploring new techniques to create artworks with multi-layered patterns and colors. His artworks often present very distinctive colors and patterns and are normally overlaid on various materials such as canvas, fabric, acrylic, metal, ceramic and wood.

Influenced by his understanding of and experience in the fashion and textile industry, Keyon finds that overlaying his artworks on various media is like dressing clothes on different models and aesthetic beauty is an essential element in every piece of his work. He is excited to explore the ever-expanding combinations of artworks and share his perceptions of life through them. Keyon wants his artworks to be eye-catching so that people stare at them, and he wants to make it worth their while.

Keyon believes that art is like a poem without words. It is not just about what the artist sees, but what the artist want others to see. He aspires to create artworks which people look at for seconds but ponder the stories behind them for a lifetime. “I was lucky to have found my gift in life, and I want to give it away through my artworks”, said Keyon.

Keyon Lo - Hero

Artwork 1 Hero《英雄》 You can be the hero you have been waiting for. 你可以成為你一直在等待的英雄。

Digital and mixed media mounted on acrylic,

41 x 41cm

Please contact us if you are interested in this piece.

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