• 'Mahjong' embroidery luggage tag (green)| Goods of Desire
  • 'Mahjong' embroidery luggage tag
  • 'Mahjong' embroidery luggage tag (green)| Goods of Desire

'Mahjong' embroidery luggage tag
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$115.00 HKD


Mahjong is an ancient game from China, which remains one of the most popular past times today. It requires four players to sit around a square table taking turns in picking tiles. The objective is to be the first to collect a hand that matches certain pre-set patterns. Different hands have different winning values according to their difficulty in accumulation.

The embroidery travel collection allows you to take a piece of Hong Kong with you as you explore the world.


W: 6.5cm x L: 10 cm (tag)
L: 16 cm (cable)
Material: Leather, cotton & PVC

Vendor: Goods of Desire

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