• 'Mahjong' silk scarf
  • 'Mahjong' silk scarf
  • 'Mahjong' silk scarf

'Mahjong' silk scarf
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$980.00 HKD


Mahjong is an ancient game from China, which remains one of the most popular past times today. It requires four players to sit around a square table taking turns in picking tiles. The objective is to be the first to collect a hand that matches certain pre-set patterns. Different hands have different winning values according to their difficulty in accumulation.

This print is an abstract interpretation which was first hand—drawn by Hong Kong Born artist/ illustrator Karon Ng  and then printed on to the fine silk.

Silk is one of the world’s strongest natural fibres.  Its light weight and absorbency make it comfortable for use in the tropics, yet its ability to trap warm air close to the skin makes it suitable for colder climates.

This fine silk product is made with 100% silk from China, where it was first developed in the 27th century BC. Using the latest printing technology ensures the best graphic clarity and colour vibrancy while the hand-finishing certifies a durable finish and invisible stitching.

To maintain its prime condition, we recommend dry cleaning only. For the elimination of creases, lightly steam with a press cloth.

L: 90 cm x W: 180 cm
Material: 100% silk
Colour: Red and green on white

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