• 'Monkey' eyemask
  • 'Monkey' eyemask
  • 'Monkey' eyemask

'Monkey' eyemask
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$125.00 HKD


In Chinese culture, the horoscope features twelve auspicious animals, which are selected based on their close resemblance to human characteristics. Monkeys are intelligent, witty & sociable.

Soft cotton padding makes it super comfortable on the eyes and the black, elastic, adjustable strap with velcro closure helps it to fit perfectly on your face. Complete with googly eyes, this eye mask provides ample coverage and amusement for your fellow travelers!

The Years of the Monkey are: 1956. 1968. 1980. 1992. 2004. 2016. 2028. 2040.

H: 10 cm x W: 24.5 cm x D: 3 cm
Material: Cotton and polyester

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