'Monkey' recycle shopping bag
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In Chinese culture, the horoscope features twelve auspicious animals, which are selected based on their close resemblance to human characteristics. Monkeys are intelligent, witty & sociable.

This bright green recyclable bag features a cheeky monkey reaching for his favourite snack - a banana! The bag conveniently folds into the zippered banana carrying case. Adjustable straps and clip shrink the bag into a super convenient size that can fit in your bag or pocket.

The Years of the Monkey are: 1956. 1968. 1980. 1992. 2004. 2016. 2028. 2040.

H: 39 cm x W: 34 cm x L: 12 cm
Material: Polyester

Type: Bags and Travel    
Vendor: Goods of Desire

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