• 'Hong Kong Districts' soy jar candle (Nathan Road)
  • 'Hong Kong Districts' soy jar candle (Nathan Road)
  • 'Hong Kong Districts' soy jar candle (Nathan Road)

'Hong Kong Districts' soy jar candle (Nathan Road)
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Nathan Road is a 3.6 kilometre road which is the main thoroughfare in Kowloon . In Tsim Sha Tsui, it is hugely popular tourist spot for shopping and eating. It was once famous for the amount of neon light store signs which filled the streets, but sadly these have gradually disappeared.

G.O.D. has created this line of soy wax jar candles, each named after a Hong Kong district and illustrated with the personality, reputation and highlights from the district. The inside of each candle is a reflective silver, adding to the brightness and dance of the candlelight. The illustration, colour and scent of each candle is different so you may mix and match to suit your needs.

The 'Nathan Road' candle is white and scented 'midnight flower', while the exterior is a green apple colour. Soy wax is natural and biodegradable. It can easily cleaned with soap and water. Due to their lower melting point than paraffin wax, soy candles burn slower which prevents tunnelling and provides a soot-free, even burn.

Collect all four scents:
'Lan Kwai Fong' (red orange) winter spice scent
'Sai Kung' (cerulean blue) midnight flower scent
'Hollywood Road' (plum violet) sea breeze scent

H: 9 cm Diameter: 8 cm
Burn time: approximately 50 hours
Scent: Midnight flower
Colour: Green apple
Wax: Soy

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