'Neon Yaumati Tattoo' tote bag with black trim

$480.00 HKD


Combined with G.O.D.'s two most popular prints, this print combines the iconic neon light signs with a black and white print of the old 'tong lau' or tenement buildings of Hong Kong. We have tattooed 'Nathan Road' on top of our 'Yaumati' print.

This large size tote bag has sturdy black canvas straps and base. The black base complements the fun colours of this G.O.D. signature print and the subtle soft striped interior. 

Made of canvas, this tote has a zipper closure, inside zipper pocket and 2 smaller open pockets for easy access to your keys or mobile phone.

H: 56 cm x W: 22 cm x L: 47 cm
Material: Canvas
Colour: Multicolour with black trim

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