• 'Paraphernalia' mousepad
  • 'Paraphernalia' mousepad

'Paraphernalia' mousepad
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The 'Paraphernalia' print is a collection of Hong Kong relics from the 1970s which are rare objects today. They are not old enough to be considered antiques, but there is much value and nostalgia in them for the Hong Kong community because they define our interests, technology and sense of aesthetics during this time in our cultural history.

Our vibrant mousepads add a splash of colour to the workspace. They are specially made with EVA versus the typical foamboard, creating a more comfortable and longer lasting mousepad.

One of the best-selling products in G.O.D., our mousepads come in all of our most popular signature prints.


H: 19 cm x W: 21.5 cm x D: 0.7 cm
Material: EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate)

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