• 'Chinese Zodiac Rat' coaster - Goods of Desire
  • 'Chinese Zodiac Rat' coaster - Goods of Desire

'Chinese Zodiac Rat' coaster
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$60.00 HKD


In Chinese culture, the horoscope features twelve auspicious animals, which are selected based on their close resemblance to human characteristics. Rats are known to be imaginative, charming, & generous.

Our silicone coasters come in fun colours and each feature an illustration of the zodiac, years which belong to that sign and characteristics of that creature.

The 'Chinese Zodiac' coasters may be purchased individually or as a complete set of twelve. Matching mugs and mug lids are also available.

Years of the Rat: 1948. 1960. 1972. 1984.1996. 2008. 2020. 2032.


Diameter: 10 cm
Material: Silicone

Vendor: Goods of Desire

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