'Cherry Blossom' long leather wallet
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The ‘Cherry Blossom’ print depicts Hummingbirds amongst the branches of a beautiful Cherry Blossom tree. Hummingbirds are a symbol of adaptability and great joy, which are amongst the femininity and fertility of the Cherry Blossom. 

For our leather wallet, we have illustrated birds and flowers all treated with soft blue and white hues to complement the stronger rich red background, which was then printed on to the leather.

Grey and blue lining contrasts the outer red and white design on this wallet. There are several compartments to hold all you need with 10 card slots, and an open pouch for cash, receipts, and coins. It is held shut with a metal snap, and there is an Octopus card slot on the outside of the wallet.

L: 19 cm x W: 9 cm
Material: Leather
Colour: red/ neon blue

Tags: boss
Type: Jewellery and Accessories    
Vendor: Goods of Desire

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