Rum Roller Glass

$350.00 HKD


The RumRoller brings three elements, zero dilution, chilling & motion, to the rum drinking experience. 

The two stainless steel chilling balls are important because you shouldn’t serve aged rums with traditional ice which will dilute your rum. Chilling balls can prevent inconsistent taste and loss of the flavor and aroma. 

A simple wrist motion rolls each of the chilling balls around the bottom.  The outward curve prevents them from rolling out while sipping. The glass profile flares out at the top to help release aromas while drinking. Tongs are included for safe handling of chilling balls.

The RumRoller’s chilling & motion will take your experience to the next level.


235 ml (8 oz) capacity
Glass Dimensions:  9 cm x 9cm
Ice mould: BPA-free & certified food grade silicone

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