'Letterbox' signature leather trim tote bag
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$680.00 HKD


The 'Letterbox' is one of the most popular G.O.D. signature prints. It is inspired by the old letterboxes that were scattered throughout hallways in older Hong Kong buildings. Each one is distinctly painted and marked to be easily identified by its owner.

This elegant medium size tote bag and has cream leather straps and trimmings complementing the fun colours of the G.O.D. signature print and the vibrant red interior.

Made of canvas, this tote has a magnetic snap closure, inside zipper pocket and studs on the bottom to protect the bottom of your stylish tote.


H: 42 cm x W: 32.5 cm D: 10 cm
Handle Straps: L: 23 cm
Material: Canvas with leather trim

Type: Bags and Travel    
Vendor: Goods of Desire

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