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Wong Ting Fung - Fuck (Ink on paper)

Wong Ting Fung - Fuck (Ink on paper)

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Wong Ting Fung is a designer, illustrator and artist from Hong Kong. He has worked for over 10 years, collaborating with global & regional brands across diverse disciplines and markets, developing an expertise in creating unique artworks with an Asian twist that appeal to a worldwide audience.

As an artist, he continues to develop projects that allow him to express himself honestly. He reflects his culture and life throughout his compositions. He uses pen, ink, brush and paste up to mix his projects. Wong Ting Fung seeks to show the  contradiction in human, life and society, through his artworks. The outcomes are often surreal and ironic in their tone, but in a striking monochrome palette.


Part of a wider series of 5 which plays with well known hand gestures. Cutting up the signs, forms of non-verbal communication with patterns, icons, imagery and Chinese characters.

Black ink on paper, with paper cut into fragments and mounted on black card. Framed with a black box frame

Ink on paper

66cm (H) x 53cm (W)

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