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Xeme - Buddhapix I (Mixed media on canvas)

Xeme - Buddhapix I (Mixed media on canvas)

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Xeme is a Hong Kong based artist whose distinct textual style has marked the city in bold strokes since 2001. He has primarily dedicated his art form to letters and abstract patterns. His work evolves continuously, but remains rooted in his background of painting Chinese characters and Calligraphy within his artworks.

He has exhibited around the world in major cities including LA, San Francisco, UK, Australia, and Thailand, both solo and group exhibitions with artists including Faust, Demsky and Felipe Pantone.

Recently he's been exploring art in low resolution digital form. His first show in Japan entitled "Low Resolution" is a summary of his graffiti art in coexistence with modern technology and retrospective digital art.


Playing with the tourist and spiritual attraction in Lantau, Xeme’s signature pixels, bring an uncensored interpretation to the well known Buddha. This is the first time the artist has interpreted wider cultural icons vs building or estates. In this piece he is commenting around the bluriness between spirituality and commerce.

He uses masking tape to form perfect squares, which he hand paints in acrylic and spray paint to create the pixelated image. On canvas


Mixed media on canvas

50cm (H) x 50cm (W)

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