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'Double Happiness' chopsticks set
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$40.00 HKD


The Double Happiness symbol is one of the most enduring motifs. It is a symbol representing many celebratory occasions such as weddings and birthdays and is a treasured symbol in Chinese culture.

These fun and vibrantly-coloured chopsticks are made of food-grade plastic and topped with the character for 'happiness' or 'joy'. Together, each pair of chopsticks form the famous 'Double Happiness' symbol. They come in a set of four: red, yellow, green and blue. Make sure to buy the matching chopstick rest set!


H: 24 cm x W: 3.5 cm D: 1.5 cm (box) Set of four
H: 24 cm x W: 1.5 cm D: 0.75 cm (individual)
Material: Food grade plastic

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