POSTalk FingerART series, Siu Mei Shop

$118.00 HKD


Siu Mei refers to restaurants who serve roast meats such as honey glazed barbecued pork, roast goose, roast duck and crackling pork; and usually display their wares by hanging the cooked meats in the front window.

FingerART improves and refines the traditional paper craftsmanship. Combining different themes and advanced engraving technology, FingerART has been manufactured at the highest standard.

FingerART has a Macro World View. The small-scale building kits are available in a variety of themes ranging from an old fish market to modern architecture. Human bodies are also available for you to draw or paint on to give them life!

*High Quality Plastic Box Included.
*All model requires glue to assemble.

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