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POSTalk mini pop-up card, Lantern Festival

$38.40 HKD $48.00 HKD


The Lantern Festival, also regarded as the Eastern Valentine's Day, falls on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar. It is celebrated by hanging colourful lanterns with riddles or puzzles written on them for people to solve. In the past, unwed girls were only permitted to appear in public unescorted during the festival, so they could meet eligible bachelors.

POSTalk presents some irresistible, unique greeting card ideas with this vivid pop-up collection. Now you can write, draw on and customise your cards any this way you like and incorporate your creation into a unique piece of paper art.

POSTalk products are manufactured by Hong Kong Sheltered Workshop where our fellow citizens with disabilities are instructed and trained on product packaging; basic equipment operation and quality control. All parts are assembled by hand.

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