G.O.D. launched our exclusive, limited edition line of pottery in our PMQ store. Rachel Smith is a Hong Kong-based ceramic artist. Each item from this collection is handmade and painted by Rachel in her Shek Kip Mei studio so no two pieces are exactly the same.



Rachel's Artist Statement:
As a ceramic artist living in Hong Kong the transience of the city’s infrastructure is a huge influence on my work. The aesthetic tropes of the built environment that incorporate similar patterns and motifs to those used in vintage British tableware of the same era inspire the visual references in my interpretations of the city through clay. Elements borrowed from the natural world, such as bird and plant motifs, are also captured in my work in this city of contrasts.

My practice centres on wheel-thrown forms that serve as “canvas” for abstracted visual interpretations of the urban environment. These images are created using the process of mono-printing and are deliberately restricted to a limited colour palate of naturally occurring oxide tones such as cobalt blue manganese brown and copper green. Ceramic decals created from original line drawings are fired onto my work adding an illustrative element that compliments the patterns and mark-making designs included at the leather hard stage.