The Tangram For Goods of Desire collection connects G.O.D.’s signature Chinese-inspired
graphics and style, always with a touch of humour, with Tangram’s no
nonsense approach to fashion. True to the G.O.D. philosophy of mixing and
balancing East and West; old and new; the designs are also a juxtaposition –
feminine yet tomboyish; modern yet classic.

Paola and Douglas share a strong appreciation and passion for not only preserving,
but using true Hong Kong culture as their inspiration. 

Douglas mentioned, “The collaboration with Paola and Tangram is a true
representation of Hong Kong - a hybridisation yet mutual respect of each other's
cultures. Paola and Ignacio have a great respect and appreciation for Hong
Kong culture and it’s that, which made this collaboration an easy decision. We
have a joint desire to create something meaningful, not just something that can be
from anywhere, but something that could only be from Hong Kong.” 

Paola added, ”We are super excited to collaborate with G.O.D. because they are
a contemporary Hong Kong reference that rescues the city’s idiosyncrasies and
creates new things from them. The brand has always been committed to
highlighting the crazy, raw beauty of this place we love so much, but also because
they have given us free creative reign. The sheer excitement of working with other
creatives with which we share not only a language but also a similar approach to
the business of doing what we believe in.”