(Captured outside my f6 classroom)

(Great view of my alma mater)

Flipping through the newspaper, you are bound to know the results of HKDSE had just been released. It reminds me of the ‘good’ old days when I was surrounded by tons of assignments and quizzes in the previous year.

The distorted Hong Kong education system is controversial as it miscarries to inspire and develop Hong Kong students’ interests and dreams.

I used to think that HKDSE was just a system of three-word task, which demonstrated persistent, surmount and endeavor. Once you dig in, you will survive.

Yet, my perception has changed. Undoubtedly, diligent is the most essential element candidates should have. Still, there are other elements they could not neglect.
It is also a game of luck and state of one’s psyche.

Can DSE be considered a game, the game, which candidates are playing? Is it something to enjoy, or to suffer? To win, to lose, or neither? It seems that candidates are forced to run aimlessly and collecting stars to reach nowhere, and using those stars just to run more efficiently. No one is born to succeed; it is just the case that some people continue chasing after their dreams while some give up. Dear candidates, if you are not the stars catcher in this game, it doesn’t mean you are loser, as this educational system could not thoroughly reflect one’s ability.

A saying goes, imperfectness helps to shape the individuality and variety in our vibrant society. Though everyone is decreed by fate, having momentum for your dreams will protect you from all potential failures. 

Dear pink castle, thanks for all the lessons =)