“The Cabinet of Curiosities” is my first impression of the G.O.D. design studio. The design studio is full of collections that are exclusive to Hong Kong. One of the walls was decorated with old Hong Kong mailboxes, another filled with antique clocks, traditional Hong Kong iconic plastic lamps hanging from the ceiling, a cabinet full of stationeries and games that were sold in the 60s and 70s in Hong Kong... I was amazed and overwhelmed by these vintage collections. I knew there must be a lot of stories from the old Hong Kong days that were waiting for me to explore and disclose, all very well kept and hidden in a 3,000 ft. room.

Every day stepping into the studio gives me new inspirations. I have always had an interest in traditional Hong Kong culture and wanted to apply different elements of traditional Hong Kong into my designs. I want to help preserve this culture and at the same time create trendy and stylish products. Working under this extraordinary working environment gives me infinite ideas and allows me to bring my creativity to full play. I'm sure there is no other design studio that can provide a working environment that is as unique and stimulating as G.O.D.