Douglas and the Tailor hard at work
On March 22nd 2016, G.O.D. will be hitting the catwalks in the prestigious Shenzhen Fashion week! It was a great, exciting experience, and we'd love to give everyone a 'Behind the Scenes' sneak preview!
Clothing sketches - Douglas Young
As the 'Original Hong Kong Lifestyle' store, we knew immediately the style of clothing we wanted to design for the fashion show - if you've seen our fashion collections in stores you'll know what to expect! Contemporary, modern, and chic Chinese style clothing was something that we wanted to explore, so we started by drawing up some basic sketches of potential clothing designs, done by none other than Douglas Young himself.
Fabric cuttings
Mannequin testing and fitting
Once we were happy with the designs on paper, it was time to put them to the test - with samples and fitting. Working with our in-house fashion teams, we made prototype after prototype of the new clothes. Not everything works straight away however, some we're very happy with after one or two edits, others go through up to fifteen versions before they reach the point where we're happy with them. Everyone here is part of the fitting processes, where people try on the outfits so we can see how they look in person. Putting the clothes onto a person can never be replaced by a mannequin, because the way people walk, how comfortable it feels, and lots of other things affect how the model will look on the runway eventually.
The human test
Once several people have tried on the outfits and it has gone through several iterations, the outfit is shelved till the fashion show - and it's time to move onto the next outfit!