By The Alley Cat

With summer well and truly upon us and the Hong Kong humidity worse than a gorilla’s armpit, a few friends and I decided we needed a wardrobe change.

After two hours in Causeway Bay with its rows and rows of shops, but with very few offering anything unique- the Chocolate brand which always had SOMETHING cool was particularly drab despite its Batman Shops Here poster- we found ourselves at g.o.d- Goods Of Desire and its shop in Soho.

The reason for being there was to see what uniquely creative product has recently come from the fertile mind of Founders Douglas Young and Benjamin Lau.

Young is, without a doubt, the only creative talent in this town worth talking about- inspiring in what he manages to create, passionate in his beliefs and who has taken the history and culture and soul of Hong Kong and made it contemporary, cool, cutting edge and fun.

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