G.O.D. loved the amazing piece 'Bringing Color to the Streets of Sai Kung' by mural artist, Alex Croft (b. 1989), on the side of our Sai Kung store that we commissioned him to return that same year to create a mural for our Graham Street wall next to our 48 Hollywood Road store in Central.

Alex worked closely with G.O.D. to create this beautiful mural which has become one of the most instagrammed walls in Hong Kong. It now features on a lot of the 'must-see' lists for travel books and websites.

Alex takes the G.O.D. signature print, 'Yaumati' and reinterprets it with his own style. The inspiration behind the print are the tenement buildings of Yaumati district.

The inspiration behind the artwork is the former Kowloon Walled City where each window was customized by their tenants. The result is a distinctive patchwork that is the unique architectural style of Hong Kong.


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