G.O.D. partnered with Cathay Pacific to exclusively design the amenity kits that were distributed to passengers of Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Class. Eight new bags were introduced each year from 2012-2016.

Cathay Pacific x G.O.D. Premium Economy Amenity Kit

Because G.O.D. and Cathay Pacific take their environmental and social responsibilities very seriously, the amenity bag was made from at least 90% recycled plastic bottles while the toothbrush was made mainly from corn starch and cellulose, which was biodegradable, recyclable and used fewer resources in its production. By creating a collectible set of designs, environmentally friendly behaviour was further promoted without sacrifice of style and design. 


The kits were specifically designed to be collected as a set. Each kit had a button which allowed additional bags to attach to it creating a wall-hanging accessory. Passengers were able to look forward to receiving a new design every 6 months. 

By taking a look at the lighter side of modern Asian life, G.O.D. creates surprise and humour by juxtaposing seemingly unlikely elements from modern Asia.