GOD - Goods of Desire is giving away its first-ever NFT collection.

The GOD Local Lingo 港嘢講嘢 NFT Collection is GOD's first set of NFTs featuring a set of popular Cantonese phrases in stylised graphic form. Fun and provocative, it's a great snapshot of Hong Kong culture and the Cantonese language.

The set includes: Delay No More Ciao Hi!, Momentaila, AYAHH!, 小心 PK, Wut Dai Fook & 9up.

The Giveaway

From now until 31 March 2022, we will be giving away 330 NFTs in total so be sure to act quickly before they are all gone. You can redeem one (1) random NFT per HK$1500 of spending in a single purchase, excluding shipping fees, from our online store https://god.com.hk. So spending of HK$3000+ will allow you to redeem two (2) random NFTs, HK$4500 will allow you to redeem three (3), and so forth. Note that duplicates are possible but you would be able to trade your duplicates and/or buy the other NFTs to complete your set at Refinable - https://app.refinable.com/collections/god-local-lingo

Only online store purchases qualify for the giveaway. Gift Vouchers (for online store) also qualify but Gift Tokens (for physical stores) do not. Gift vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged in full, or in part, for cash. Goods purchased using gift vouchers are also not entitled to refunds.

How to redeem 

To redeem an NFT, you will need to have an NFT wallet to receive the NFT. As such, please ensure you have registered for a Trust Wallet BEFORE proceeding to the redemption form. If you do not have a Trust Wallet - you can register one via https://trustwallet.com

After placing your order, and copying your wallet address for receiving BNB Smart Chain assets (click here if you need help identifying your Trust Wallet address for BNB Smart Chain), you can go to the redemption link below to redeem your NFT.


Please note that we will process the redemption 7 days after goods have been delivered and no refunds or returns recorded that would impact the redemption requirement.

Terms & Conditions

Only purchases through https://god.com.hk qualify for this offer.
Shipping fees do not count towards the spending requirements.
One (1) NFT may be redeemed for every HK$1500 spent. No limits to the number of NFTs redeemed per order.
Redemption valid until 31 March 2022 or while stocks last. A total of 330 NFTs will be given away.
NFTs will be randomly given away. Duplicates may be possible.
G.O.D. reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.

Important Notice about NFTs, NFT/Crypto Wallets & NFT Platform/Services

You are solely responsible for the equipment, services, software, applications, such as Trust Wallet, Refinable or any third-party product or service that you use to receive and store your NFT(s). You are liable for all activities taking place in your Wallet, including but not limited to information disclosure, online agreements, or purchase of Crypto Assets or digital assets from any service providers.

Once you provide your wallet address, you are responsible for any loss or damage to, or loss of access to, the wallet and the NFT(s) received, if any. GOD shall not have any liability in such circumstances, regardless of cause.

The GOD Local Lingo Collection is minted with the BNB Smart Chain blockchain (https://www.bnbchain.world/en/smartChain) through Refinable (https://refinable.com/). By accepting the NFTs, you accept all the terms and conditions of the relevant product and/or services from them related to these NFTs. You also accept that the NFTs are provided “as is” and that GOD makes no warranties, express or implied, and hereby disclaims all implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

Trading or transfer of NFTs would incur gas fees charged by the various NFT platform and network. Any such fees involved in the subsequent trade or transfer of the NFTs would be your responsibility and GOD shall not have any liability in such circumstances, regardless of cause.

Please also note that ownership of an NFT is a non-exclusive license to display the related media in their token wallet for personal purposes only, and does not include the underlying copyright in the content the NFT is associated with or the right to display that media on third-party products, websites, or platforms.