G.O.D. is proud to have designed the corporate box for Mission Possible at the Rugby 7's for 2017. This year, Mission Possible is organizing a box to help raise funds for four Hong Kong registered charities. For the first time, the HK government has authorised use of their Executive Suite for a partnership of Mission Possible and the Commission on Poverty.

The theme is based on Hong Kong's neon lights and our now famous neon lights print, 'Nathan Road'. G.O.D. themed and designed the entire room from the wall decor, furniture to the outdoor seating and even the dress for the staff members inside. Stay tuned for full details....

Mission Possible's mission 

Our mission is to build awareness of poverty issues and to encourage philanthropy and social responsibility within Hong Kong - in effect, tackling issues surrounding: children, youth, elderly and food availability.

By improving communication between the individual, corporate and government sectors, our society will more effectively tackle poverty and other social issues. (http://www.missionpossible.org.hk/