G.O.D. in collaboration with the Hong Kong SPCA set out to promote love for local mongrel dogs, often abandoned by owners in Hong Kong.

GOD x SPCA Sai Kung

This special crossover initiative aimed to promote love for local mongrel dogs and  increase the adoption rate of mongrels. Goods of Desire designed the Mongrel Adoption Center in Sai Kung for the SPCA.

GOD x SPCA Sai Kung

Using inspiration from the 'tong lau” (tenement buildings built in late 19th century to the 1960s in Hong Kong), the interior was designed to capture the interest of dog owners by relating 'tong gau' (local mongrels) to 'tong lau' both in desperate need of preservation.

GOD x SPCA  Sai Kung

The project was so successful that the adoption rate of mongrels increased 30% in the period immediately following the launch. Goods of Desire also produced a range of 'DOG x GOD' products (including tees and mugs) which sold G.O.D. stores. A portion of the proceeds raised from the sale of those products were donated to the SPCA.