In order to promote local fashion brands to the general public, Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF) created the FRIDAY project.

The purpose is to increase awareness and encourage people to support Hong Kong fashion brands by actually wearing a Hong Kong brand of clothes every Friday.  “Be it for social purpose, self-assurance or an expression of one’s aesthetics, dressing up has become one of the indispensable elements to our daily life. When we look into our closets, however, majority of the items are conceived by designers from the US, France, Japan or even as far as Sweden in Scandinavia. Home-grown designs are often neglected by their fellow Hongkongers.  While it seems a general impression that the city is a desert for culture and design, FFF is convinced that Hong Kong can glow with its with creativity. Local designs deserve at least the same price tags as those on foreign brands. So every Friday from now on, no matter what your plans are - brighten your life with fascinating designs from local fashion brands.” (  

G.O.D. X Zo-ee window display at PMQ is a part of the FRIDAY project. In true G.O.D. fashion, the window is a mixing Hong Kong tradition with modern day style. The ping pong balls represent not only the beloved Hong Kong pastime, but also the beads that Zo-ee uses for her modern accessories.