By Benny Chan

Recently I got a chance to have lunch with Goods Of Desire (G.O.D.)  founder – Douglas Young. Thanks to the new Non-Profit Organization Time Auction, I can use my volunteer hours to bid a meeting chance with Hong Kong successful leaders. Rather than bidding a meeting chance with Warren Buffett with real bucks, Time Auction encourages you to serve the community directly. Personally I spent 12 hours to bid this opportunity and this has already been the 3rd round. The service was launched by 2 lady entrepreneurs, Fion Leung and SuetYi Wong in June 2014. Previously mentors includes cofounder of 9gag, Managing Director of Google HK, etc.

This time we had lunch in a Chinese restaurant inside JCCAC, a  local creative art centre in Shek Kip Mei. The environment was very nice. The restaurant was not fully packed despite of the peak lunch hour. Well… As I was focusing on listening to Douglas, I didn’t notice the food quality at all.