While we are living in bless, we may not be aware that someone is living in penury. When we are enjoying the fruits of technological advancement, some people in Hong Kong may strive very hard to maintain their lives. Some teenagers in Hong Kong may interpret poverty as the situation of having not enough money to buy the latest fashion or cell phone. However, poverty is not just a state of having not enough money for daily necessities.

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What does poverty really mean? It does not refer to the situations of, for example, the lack of money to buy those brand-name fashions. In my opinion, poverty is the condition under which people cannot maintain their basic living and are unable to lead their lives with dignity.


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In Hong Kong, it is common to see beggars in crowded areas such as Causeway Bay. They usually sit on the ground and hold a bowl in hands to beg for bucks. Besides, you may usually see old women collecting paper boxes and soft drink cans on the street. Have you ever noticed old women asking people for their newspapers in MTR stations so as to earn a little money? In such a well-off and metropolitan city as Hong Kong, poverty still exists.


Though everyone in the world is supposed to be equal, the problem of poverty has deprived the underprivileged of right of leading a happy live, it is high time for the government and charities to do something so as to prevent the prolongation of this problem.


Poverty cannot be solved within a few years. However, with the generous help from everyone, we should be confident that everyone could live equally one day as what we always believe.